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Threads of ESTHERS exists to provide discipleship, counseling, and employable skills for adolescent girls and young women, equipping them to start their own micro-business

threads of esthers

Discipleship: Through daily prayer, Bible study, and weekly one-on-one discipleship, each woman will develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Counseling: As part of the healing and restoration process, Threads of ESTHERS will use the arts as a helping tool to offer individual and group counseling with professionally trained psychologists, counselors and social workers.

Employable Skills: Classes are offered through this program to equip each woman with a skill to be her own Freedom Fighter.  Trained to sew, paint and crochet, each Freedom Fighter will graduate with the skills and resources necessary to create her own micro-business.

Each item made by one of these freedom fighters helps provide her with sustainable income to fight against the extreme poverty, violence and exploitation that surrounds her and her family!