As a grassroots organization, ESTHERS relies on the help and support of many individuals.  ESTHERS Ambassadors is a group of individuals throughout the U.S. committed to being the voice for ESTHERS amongst their own personal networks.

Today, most people have heard the term “human trafficking” but are unaware of how complex the issue is.  Many people are also unaware of the existence of human trafficking in their own communities.  Human trafficking, also referred to as modern day slavery, is the fastest growing injustice in the world, and is not isolated to places such as India, Cambodia and Thailand.  Most researchers estimate that as many as 2 million people are being forced into modern day slavery today.

As an ambassador, you will be equipped with training on what human trafficking is, what it looks like on a local and global scale, what current research says about the issue, and specific action steps you can take to join ESTHERS.  You will also receive the ESTHERS Toolkit.  This toolkit is made up of everything you will need to do a presentation on behalf of ESTHERS.

Please contact ESTHERS for more information about becoming an ambassador and to sign up for their next Ambassadors Training Workshop.