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As ESTHERS continues to grow in Brazil, the local businesses, farmers and individuals are being inspired to invest in the work by donating nearly 100% of the food and fresh produce to feed each girl at ESTHERS 2 meals each day they are there. The money saved by getting the donation must be spent to rent private transportation to pickup the donation.
As ESTHERS continues to grow in the US and abroad, more and more individuals, groups and churches are coming to serve the girls at ESTHERS alongside our team of Brazilian staff. Money that could be spent for ministry supplies for these people to use must be spent on renting transportation to get them to and from the airport, as well as to and from ESTHERS’ ministry site and hospitality house each day.
ESTHERS’ Brazilian Director must rely on Public Transportation to accomplish everything that must be done to run the ministry. What should take an hour takes an entire day due to the unreliability of the public transportation system. ESTHERS continues to be a key facilitator of getting family members of the girls and other members of the community into drug and alcohol rehab programs. However, we must turn many people away because of the time spent on the bus getting them to all of the necessary appointments before they can enter into the rehab program.
The danger continues to increase on the public buses and metro due to the rise in corruption, rioting, and strikes that are happening on a consistent basis.

With all of this growth of the ministry coupled with the ever growing danger in Recife, there is an increasing need for reliable transportation to receive donations, host visitors, facilitate the day-to-day functions of running ESTHERS and meet the needs of the children and families we are serving, as well as the entire community, in Brazil.
The U.S. dollar is at the highest rate it has been in over a decade in Brazil. It will cost an estimated $30,000US to purchase a reliable 7-8 passenger vehicle for ministry and hospitality purposes. The need is urgent and our goal is to purchase a vehicle by the beginning of July before hosting visitors all summer in Recife.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution toward this critical need.

To donate, simply click on the button below to give directly toward this need. Questions?  Email ESTHERS at: info@estherschildren.org